Inside The Glow

Of light

...A single person within a circumstance can move one to change.
To love one’s self.
To evolve.
— Erykah Badu

It’s easy to encounter a circumstance of poverty and not see past the dusty roads, dilapidation, and sense of disorder.

When stories of oppression are told, they are generally, consciously or subconsciously told with an aim of sourcing aide by provoking negative emotions, such as guilt and sadness.

Focusing on scenes of beauty when surrounded by such degradation may seem useless or naïve. Instead, it proves to the world, and to the individuals whose daily routines are made up of these ‘picture-worthy’ scenarios, that there is something more beyond the dust and the oppression, and that they, as individuals, can find their own way to wherever they choose to go.

This series places itself at the heart of these areas with a focus on women. It aims to elicit self-empowerment from women living in these environments by asking them to take control by determining how their photos are taken and enabling them to use their voice/words to tell their own stories, so that retrospectively they can feel powerful and confident within themselves, for themselves, and their circumstances.